A Strategy War Game
For The Ages™

Object Of The Game:
To Capture Your Opponent’s Commander
Or To Outscore Your Opponent
Over An Arbitrary Period Of Time
(10, 20, 30 Min., Etc.)
The Battlefields Of The Game Are
Through The Air, On Land And In The Sea
Multiple Game Play Options Are Available
For Commander-In-Chief Including Team Game Play


The Third And Final Classic
One-On-One Checkerboard Game™

30 Playing Pieces
30 Platform Bases
10 Aerial Platform Bases
1 One Minute Sand Timer
1 Chess, Checkers, Commander-In-Chief
Double Sided Game Board
1 Commander-In-Chief Game Rules
2 Commander-In-Chief Quick Start Guides



This 3-In-1 Board Game Includes:

Chess & Checkers
Plus Tic-Tac-Toe
And The Triangle Puzzle Game

Multiple 1 - 4 Player Games For Ages 6+

Also Available For Play:
30 Military Toys
And 30 Stackable Spinning Tops