Commander-In-Chief: The Game


Combatant Command:
Armed Forces Command Edition

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Commander-In-Chief is a game that is played warring two opposing armed forces represented by specially designed playing pieces that are mounted on Platform Bases and placed on a game board comprised of sixty four alternating dark and light colored squares arranged in eight lines of eight squares each, i.e., the traditional checkerboard. The square board is set up for play orientated in a diamond shape so that a dark colored square is always positioned at the top and bottom of the board, as the single square in the First row closest to each player’s seated position. Progressing toward the center of the board, the Second row per side contains two light colored squares; the Third row per side contains three dark colored squares, and so on and so forth.

All sixty four squares on the board are given their own alphanumeric name ranging from “a1” to “h8” as defined on the included game board by the intersection of a letter and a number assigned to each line. Collectively, this nomenclature is used as a system for notating the placements and movements of the playing pieces in the game. For proper set up, the single square in the First row at the bottom of the board must be Square “a1”.

Due to this unique set up of the traditional checkerboard, a brief explanation of the playing pieces’ directional movements is necessary. Orthogonal player moves (Forward, Backward, Left and Right) are moves that connect dark to dark and light to light colored squares to each other across their single mating point; whereas diagonal player moves (Forward Left, Forward Right, Backward Left and Backward Right) are moves that connect dark and light colored squares to each other across their mating borderline. To summarize, the playing pieces’ directional movements can be described in relation to each player’s seated position via any one of the following eight independent directions: Forward, Forward Left, Forward Right, Left, Right, Backward, Backward Left or Backward Right.

The battlefields of the game are Through the Air, On Land and In the Sea (Air, Land and Sea). The playing pieces can only move within their designated battlefields. The fifteen squares per side that are occupied by the players’ playing pieces at the start of the game (thirty total) represent the Land areas of the board. The thirty four squares that are unoccupied squares at the start of the game represent the Sea areas of the board. While each square uniquely represents either a Land area or a Sea area of the board, every square (Land or Sea) simultaneously represents an Air area of the board. Additionally, the game board is double sided so that the game can be played on either a dark and light colored or multicolored checkerboard.

The eight specially designed playing pieces (thirty total) are set up on the game board per side as follows: First row – Commander; Second row – Fighter, Fighter; Third row – Tank, Bomber, Tank; Fourth row – Submarine, Helicopter, Helicopter, Submarine; Fifth row – Amphibian, Amphibian, Destroyer, Amphibian, Amphibian. The two opposing armed forces are distinguishable by color, one dark and one light. The starting position of the Commander of the light colored armed forces is always Square “a1”. The playing pieces are mounted on either Platform Bases (if they compete On Land or In the Sea) or Aerial Platform Bases (if they compete Through the Air); Commanders, Bombers and Destroyers are distinguished as leaders of their respective divisions within the armed forces by adding a second Platform Base underneath them. Once the board is set up, each player (team) as Commander-In-Chief of one of the two armed forces must command the services of their fifteen playing pieces toward victory.


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